Preparing a CFA Resume

CFA certification is recognized around the world making it essential for you to include the details of this training on your CFA resume. It is an important feature to have on a CFA candidate resume even if you have only passed Level 1 or are in the process of studying for it. When you apply for a job in the financial sector you should always have a special section on the resume entitled Finance. This is the part of the resume  CFA employers will be most interested in reading.

How to write a CFA resume

Since you are applying for a position as a Certified Financial Analyst you should demonstrate some of your analytical ability in your CFA resume. The information you provide must be very clear and concise. It would be a good idea to follow an outline for a CFA candidate resume to help you ensure that you include all the pertinent details that will result in being called for an interview.

  • State your name, contact information and the position for which you are applying
  • Provide a short summary of your goals for the future in your career as a CFA with this company
  • Provide details of your experience and qualifications as a CFA

The most important part of citing CFA on resume writing is to let the prospective employer know how you have progressed in your training. To do this you should give them an insight into how you performed on your level exams.

Writing about status on a CFA resume

You cannot generalize about your CFA status on a resume. For example, you cannot state that you are in the process of obtaining CFA certification. The employer wants to know exactly where you are in this process. So if you have passed Level 1 you would write a CFA Level 1 resume. The same thing applies to the other two levels – a CFA Level 2 candidate resume and so on. For those writing a CFA Level 1 candidate resume, you should include the date at which you will be writing the next exam.  If you have passed all three levels and hold a certificate then you will be writing a CFA charterholder resume, which is really the cream of the crop.

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