CFA Level 3 Exam Preparation

You really do have to know the material in order to pass the CFA Level 3 exam because it consists of essay type questions. You will have to demonstrate how you can apply the information learned in this course as well as the previous two levels in portfolio management as well as international economics. The CFA Level 3 pass rate is the highest of all the CFA Level 3 results with the majority of students passing the exam the first time they take it.

What topics are covered on the CFA Level 3 exam?

While the topics covered on the CFA Level 3 exam are continuations of those in Levels 1 and 2 there is an emphasis on:

  • How to properly manage a portfolio
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Equity management
  • Derivatives
  • Modeling

The CFA Level 2 curriculum is very comprehensive and requires in-depth study. You will have to write essays which means you have to write about how you would handle the financial analyzing needed in the workplace. Since students come from various companies you will have to be able to apply what you have learned to a variety of different scenarios.

Ways you can prepare for the CFA Level 2 exam

Preparation for the CFA Level 2 exam should include the use of CFA Level 2 practice exams. These are more difficult to correct to deem whether or not you answered the questions correctly but the questions will give you a good idea of what type of questions you can expect to find on the actual exam. You can spend the time ensuring that you can cover the material in a succinct way to answer the question without spending too much time on any one question.

For a CFA analyst forum, Level 3 students can certainly gain from the experience of discussing the topics with others. You may have a problem with understanding a concept and another student might be able to give you a very simple explanation that makes things very clear. You might be able to do this for another student so that together you work well with CFA Level 3 preparation. A CFA Level 3 forum will also help to reinforce earlier concepts that you may need to review.

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