CFA Level 2 Exam Preparation

When you pass the CFA Level 1 exam it is time to get started with preparing for the  CFA Level 2 exam. One thing about this is that you have gained valuable experience from the study regimen you developed for the first level and you can enhance this by learning from any mistakes you made. You should start in the same manner by going through the CFA Level 2 curriculum so that you have an overview of the topics that are covered in this course. You will also have a better idea of the CFA Level 2 weights so that you can concentrate your attention on specific topics.

Study Techniques for the CFA Level 2 Exam

CFA Level 2 preparation does require review of the material covered in Level 1 because this will be further developed in the previous level. You already know that you should use CFA Level 2 practice exams and that you can develop your own CFA Level 2 practice exam from the course objectives. Some techniques that will really assist you in CFA Level 2 prep are:

  1. Create an outline for each of the objectives and list all the important terms and facts under each one.
  2. Write short notes that summarize the main points
  3. Use flash cards to help you study and use them for review
  4. Come up with some tricks for remembering troublesome terms such as creating a sentence using the letters in the word.

Get assistance from others for the CFA Level 2 exam

You are not alone when you are studying for the CFA Level 2 exam. While the CFA Level 2 pass rate is higher than that of Level 1, it is still a very difficult exam to pass. CFA Level 2 results show that less than half of the students writing this exam receive a passing grade on their first attempt. It would be a good idea to join a CFA Level 2 forum so that you can discuss issues with other students. In a CFA analyst forum Level 2 students can talk about problems they are having with any aspects of the course. An analyst forum CFA Level 2 can also be a place where you can test each other.

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