CFA Level 1 Exam Preparation

The CFA Level 1 exam is harder than any exam you will encounter in your degree program. It takes a full day to complete this exam. Each part of the CFA Level 1 exam, morning and afternoon, takes three hours and consists of 120 multiple choice questions on each part. The CFA Level 1 pass rate is the lowest of all three levels. Less than 41% of those who write the exam pass it the first time. This is the main reason that you really need to develop a CFA Level 1 study plan as soon as you register for CFA Level 1. Books and the CFA Level 1 curriculum will contain the information that you need to know.

A study plan for the CFA Level 1 Exam

You only have to look at the statistics for the CFA Level 1 results to realize that you do need to make a CFA Level 1 study plan.A few tips for making a study plan for preparing for the CFA Level 1 exam are:

  •  Read through all the objectives for each unit
  • Write each of these as a question so you have a goal for your CFA exam prep
  • There are 18 study sessions for CFA Level 1 preparation. Divide 18 into the number of months you have before the date of the CFA Level 1 exam.
  • Create a schedule for a study time for each day. You do have to stick to this schedule if you hope to be able to cover all the material and have time for review.
  • Check out the topics that carry the most CFA Level 1 weights.

Factors that affect the CFA Level 1 exam results

As you go through the CFA Level 1 preparation don’t get hung up on applying for CFQ Level 1 jobs or the CFA Level 1 salary. All that will come with ease once you pass the exam. Instead focus your attention on the CFA exam prep through CFQ Level 1 questions and a CFQ Level 1 practice exam. You should make taking a practice exam Level 1 a regular part of the review process. You can buy a CFA Level 1 study guide to help you as your study.

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