CFA Cost

CFA Institute Canada is offering candidates different fees for their enrollment depending on the program that they will choose. The key in order to save money in enrolling is to enroll ahead of time. This also gives you the chance to have extra time in preparing all the things you need.

CFA Cost

The most expensive CFA exam cost you need to pay is during the last deadline because you need to pay approximately 1,610 US dollars. You can enroll through online registration so that there is no much hassle visiting the program or going there by yourself.

There is a new policy that was brought up by the CFA Institute to candidates. They can use the electronic version curriculum and the payment is included in the said payment above but if you decided to use printed curriculum, you need to pay 150 US dollars.

CFA Costs

The CFA costs depend on the exam you will take whether it is level one, level two or level three. If you enroll sooner, you can save up to 550 US dollars. The total cost for the CFA preparation exam for level one is 1060 US dollars. The enrollment fee is 440 dollars and the exam fee is worth 620 If you are thinking whether to take the exam or not, you have a second deadline but remember that the exam fee for it is higher than the first one. The exam fee for the second deadline is 800 US dollars. When you choose the third deadline exam, the fee is 1,610 US dollars. There are three deadlines you can have with various CFA exam cost.

Just keep in mind that the cost of the exam that you will pay depends on when you register. If you want to save money, you need to enroll and register for the exam sooner or you can enroll in the first deadline. The most expensive exam CFA fee is the final or last deadline.  In conclusion, it is better when you start and register early. It is your advantage when you register for the exam ahead of time because it gives you much time for the preparation. Apply, register and begin now!