Best Strategies for CFA Exam Prep

Trying to find the best strategies for CFA exam prep is difficult because what works for one student will probably not work for another. This is because everyone learns in different ways. For some they can easily study and review on their own while others need one on one instruction. That being said, though, there are a few general strategies from which everyone can benefit for CFA prep for any level exam. It does take extensive CFA exam preparation in order to be successful on the exam, especially for the Level 1 exam, which has the lowest pass rate of the three required for certification.

Study hard in CFA exam prep

Taking and passing any of the CFA exams requires hard work and dedication because these exams will test not only your knowledge of the curriculum but your level of endurance as well. They are six hours in duration, with a break after three hours. You should set a study schedule for CFA test prep that will gradually build up to spending this amount of time working on problems and memorizing facts and terms.

CFA test prep should consist of more than just concentrating on the curriculum materials supplied by the CFA Institute. There are many CFA prep providers from whom you can purchase study guides. In addition, the Internet is a great source of free CFA exam preparation resources that you may find beneficial.

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Take the advice of experts for CFA exam preparation

Tips that will help you persevere in studying for your CFA exam include:

  • Start preparing for the CFA exam as soon as you receive the materials.
  • Set a study schedule that you know you will be able to stick with
  • Do not become overtired by staying at the books too long
  • Get exercise and eat healthy food. While this is not directly related to the best CFA prep it is important that you stay in good physical condition.
  • When you start to get stressed or if there are concepts you find difficult consider hiring a tutor or taking a class in CFA prep.

CFA Exam prep resources are not difficult to locate when you check out what has to offer you.